Former Lab Members

Paola De Candia

Post-doc [December 2005 – June 2007]

Currently a Senior Researcher (University of Milano – Bicocca)

Adrien Chabot

Lab Manager [September 2005 – April 2008]

Ran Blekhman

Graduate Student [September 2005 – February 2010]

Currently an Assistant Professor (University of Minnesota)

Luis Barreiro

HFSP Postdoctoral Fellow [May 2008 – February 2011]

Currently an Assistant Professor (University of Montreal)

George Perry

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow [August 2008 – August 2011]

Currently an Assistant Professor (Penn State University)

Jenny Tung

Chicago Postdoctoral Fellow [March 2010 – February 2012]

Currently an Assistant Professor (Duke University)

Russell Bainer

Graduate Student [September 2006 – April 2012]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (UCSF)

Carolyn Cain

Graduate Student [June 2006 – June 2012]

Currently a Remote Medical Writer

Athma Pai

AHA Predoctoral Fellow – Graduate Student [June 2008 – September 2012]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (MIT)

Allegra Petti

Research Associate (Assistant Professor) [February 2012 – February 2013]

Staff Scientist (Washington University)

Katelyn Michelini

Technician [May 2009 – May 2013]

Currently a Field Applications Scientist (Illumina, Inc)

Orna Mizrahi Man

Post-doc [May 2011 – June 2013]

Currently a Bioinformatics programmer analyst at Affymetrix

Zia Khan

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow [September 2011 – December 2013]

Currently an Assistant Professor (University of Maryland)

Darren Cusanovich

Graduate Student [August 2009 – November 2013]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (University of Washington)

Julien Roux

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow [September 2011- August 2014]

Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow (Université de Lausanne)

Emily Davenport

Graduate Student [August 2010 – December 2014]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (Cornell University)

Courtney Burrows

Graduate Student [August 2011 – July 2015]

Currently an MBA student (University of Chicago)

Irene Gallego Romero

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow [March 2011 – July 2015]

Currently a Nanyang Assistant Professor (Nanyang Technological University)

Brett Engelmann

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow [September 2013 – November 2015]

Currently a Senior Scientist I (AbbVie)

Amy Mitrano

Technician [May 2012 – December 2015]

Currently a Physician Assistant student (Chatham University)

Nicholas Banovich

NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellow [July 2012 – July 2016]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (Translational Genomics Research Institute

and Mayo Clinic)

Samantha Thomas

MSTP Student [July 2012 – August 2016]

Currently a Medical School Student (University of Chicago)

John Blischak

Graduate Student [September 2011 – October 2016]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (University of Chicago)


Sidney Wang

Postdoctoral Scholar [October 2012 – September 2016]

Currently an Assistant Professor (University of Texas Health Science

Center at Houston – Institute of Molecular Medicine)

Bryan Pavlovic

Technician [May 2010 – September 2012]

Graduate Student [September 2012 – April 2018]

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar (UCSF)

Kristen Patterson

Technician [2012 – May 2018]

Po-Yuan Tung 

Post Doctoral Fellow [July 2014- July 2018]

Currently a Scientist at Berkeley Lights